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Junichi Akagawa

Audio & Visual artist, Born in 1985 in Japan.
From 2010 to 2013 he lived in Berlin, presently living in Japan.

In recent years, he is active in the audio-visual performance scene in Europe. His works are shown at theaters, museums and festivals.

Recently Akagawa is focusing on combining digital and real elements. In 2012 he has made a contemporary dance piece “Figure”, which is composited with dynamic images, sharp sounds and human body.
As a musician, he released 2 EPs on the japanese label “Hz-records”. On other hands he produces numerous music videos for other musicians.

One of his aims is to stimulate all the senses of audience, not simply sight & hearing.


音楽家としてはPROGRESSIVE FOrMのコンピレーションアルバム“Forma 3.10″へ参加、2012年Hz-Recordsより2枚のEPをリリース。


“Lilly. E. Benjoh.”Contemporary Dance + Audio Visual Film, ZUKUNFTS VISIONEN, Goerlitz GERMANY, 2013
“Lost Extensions”, Audio Visual Film, Asian Hot Shots Filmfestival, Berlin GERMANY, 2011

“a stake in the river”, NAKANOJO BIENNALE, Gunma JAPAN, 2013

=Selected Performances=
“Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2014”, 『Figure』Audio&Visuals with Contemporary dance, Berlin GERMANY, 2014
Kumiko Omura ”Dance of HAGOROMO”, Live Visual performance, ZKM, Karlsruhe GERMANY 2013
”fuZe”Vol.2 OPENING ACT, Audio/Visual performance, Shibuya WWW, Tokyo JAPAN 2013
Red Bull Music Academy Weekender “EMAF TOKYO 2013”, Audio/Visual performance, Liquidroom, Tokyo GERMANY 2013
mergrim “Hyper Fleeting Vision” release party, Live Visual performance, Shibuya WWW, Tokyo JAPAN 2013
“hue”,Visual for Contemporary dance,Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin GERMANY, 2013
“As a Frame”, Audio Visual performance, reSource003 presented by Transmediale, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin GERMANY 2013
『Figure』Audio&Visuals with Contemporary dance, HAU1, Berlin GERMANY, 2013
“Digitalanalog festival”, Live Visual performance, Munich GERMANY, 2012
“ICAS SUITE BERLIN 2012 by CTM”, Live Visual performance, Berlin GERMANY, 2012
“Camera Japan Festival”, Live Visual performance, Rotterdam NETHERLANDS, 2011&2012
“Electronische Music aus Japan”, Audio Visual performance, Dortmunder U, Dortmund GERMANY, 2011
“Eine Bruecke nach Japan”, Audio Visual Concert, Museum Dahlem, Berlin GERMANY, 2011
“almost the same, but not quite 48neukoelln” Audio performance, Damen Salon, Berlin GERMANY, 2010
“Dot Line” -self produced Concert-, Audio Visual performance, Ringoya, Tokyo JAPAN, 2010

“I, All Things” Digital, Hz-records, 2012
“Nil Bit Berg Horn”(sprit album with Yaporigami) Digital, Hz-records, 2012

“Mashed Eggplants Vol. 2” CD&Digital, Moniker Eggplant, 2013
“amorphous” Digital, Hz-records, 2012
“Forma 3.10” CD&Digital, PROGRESSIVE FOrM, 2010
“Rain” Remix for Bajune Tobeta, Digital, ElectricSheep, 2010

=Selected Music Videos=
“realease” sub-tle, onpa))), 2013
“Shufflegent” Mergrim,PROGRESSIVE FOrM, 2013
“Telescopium” MimiCof,PROGRESSIVE FOrM, 2013
“Memphis” Adam Marshall, New Kanada, 2013

= Award =
Tel Aviv Yafo – Yokohama Prize 『figure』2014