“SMAP” a Online Session Tool for Ableton Live

~System Development~

I and Junichi OGURO has been teamed up, and launched online Session tool “Share Midi And Party!”
This is a m4l device for Ableton Live.

Junichi Oguroと共に、オンラインセッションツール”Share Midi And Party”をリリースしました。
Ableton Liveで使えるM4Lデバイスです。
Junichi OGURO
Live-stream a session on our youtube

“Music is Community”
What is essential for musicians in the world where requires to work by remote?
No matter where you are, we need to enjoy music TOGETHER.
ShareMidiAndParty! is a project established by Japanese Ableton Certified Trainers Junichi Oguro and Junichi Akagawa.
It allows you to connect your Ableton live with your distant friend’s one over the Internet where you can send and receive each other’s Midi clips at real-time sessions.
You would be able to have fun like playing in a band. SMAP is a Midi-only interaction. We believe this particular limitation would stimulate your creativity.
It surely brings you to a new music world.

Come on, let’s party at SMAP!

あなたは遠く離れた友人達のAbleton liveとインターネットで繋がり、お互いのMidi clipを送受信してリアルタイムにセッションすることができます。それはバンド演奏のような楽しみにも似ています。