MUTEK Montreal Festival+Forum Edition21

I will join MUTEK Montreal Edition21.
On this year, the festival is held in the local and also on a virtual platform.
My work can be seen from all over the world.

MUTEK Montreal Edition21に参加します。
今年はハイブリッドエディションとして、現地のイベントと合わせてvirtual platformでの開催となり、僕の作品もオンラインで全世界から視聴することができます。

[Broadcast Time]
This may change with time. Please check on the official website.

Connect MUTEK.JP – Première
09.09 | 20:00 EDT (10.9 | 9:00 JST )
Live A/V: 20:36 EDT (10.09 | 9:36 JST )
Connect MUTEK.JP – Replay 1
10.09 | 06:00 EDT (10.09 | 19:00 JST )
Live A/V: 07:36 EDT (10.09 | 20:36 JST )
Connect MUTEK.JP – Replay 2
10.09 | 13:00 EDT (11.09 | 2:00 JST )
Live A/V: 14:36 EDT (11.09 | 3:36 JST )

Junichi Akagawa — Geist on the Lake

If a tree falls in the forest but there is no one to witness it, did it really fall? If there is sound but no one to listen to it does it really exist? Within Geist on the Lake Junichi Akagawa explores the question of truth as a relational matter. Captured at a hidden lake on the outskirts of Kyoto, a place without any real connection to the outside world, Akagawa asks the question, did he really perform, if there was no one to witness his performance? Does a mere recording of a performance really constitute the truth that a performance did indeed take place? Through these questions Akagawa critically approaches the current age of increased online streaming activities and the related questions of the internet as a medium, as an archive, and what constitutes truth in the virtual world.